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Our Think Tank operates on a subnational level and focuses on challenges facing each locality group and collectively in the North-East region. We aspire to be a practical Think Tank that also initiates action and is considered a “doer” not just a “thinker”. The focus of the Think Tank is on business growth and development; the physical and mental wellbeing of business owners and leaders; and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. Our Think Tank is heavily engaged with our research team to drive ethical and solution-focussed rigorous research that aligns with the NetWORK NotWORK core values.

Think Tank Facilitator

Volunteer with research or group facilitation expertise

Think Tank Research Leaders

Volunteers with research experience or qualifications

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Volunteers (no experience required)


Why Join Our Think Tank?

Influence policy and decision-making organisations

Be part of published research, reports, and statements

Reach multidisciplinary audiences with your work


Engage in stimulating debates about challenges facing your community and region

Create resources and disseminate the collective findings to the public

Work with inspiring local organisations

Develop skills in research and academic writing

Engage with interdisciplinary teams and understand their unique perspectives and insights

Engage young people and those in the community in meaningful issues

Participating in a Think Tank can be intellectually stimulating

Develop ideas in freely in a safe environment

Facilitate exchange of ideas and enable all members of the community to have a voice

Join our think tank

Generate New Ideas

Our Think Tank has no political affiliations and is not a pressure group. The key to our Think Tank is to invite our local community to engage in workshops and participatory research for a unified outcome that is beneficial for all. We are focussed on engaging and creative dissemination strategies from video and animation to poetry and performance art. Do you have a challenge that needs a solution? Propose an idea for us to collectively consider now.

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Make A Difference To Your Community

Do you want to be part of a team, be challenged and help your community? Find out more about our Think Tank team now.

Challenge Our Team

Challenge us to solve your problems. Please include as much information as possible to help us to identify the best way to help you. You do not need to be a registered member of the NetWORK to propose a challenge to our community.