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Evidence-based decision-making, practice and strategic growth is at the heart of NetWORK NotWORK. We aim to partner with research-focussed institutions and organisations across the North-East of England to address topical questions and key issues facing the business community in the region.

Academic Partners

Universities, Charities and Professional Bodies

Research Coordinators

Volunteer (research experience required, PhD or equivalent qualifications)

Research Assistants

Volunteer (no experience necessary)

research and audit

Why is research in business important?

Better understand customers and your market

Ensure that expenditure is beneficial

Understand the experiences and needs of your workforce

Use evidence-based practice to identify interventions to support the wellbeing of yourself and your team

Identify when mentoring is required

Better understand your competitors

Understand the needs of your customers/service users

Identify whether you are connecting with your customer

Receive feedback on your services and products

Understand whether your campaigns are effective

Identify your customer demographics and what that means for your business

Understand the unique strengths and challenges of operating business in your locality and region

Use research outcomes to inform your decision-making

Provide evidence to your workforce to support changing processes

Understand how the physical and mental health of yourself and your workforce affects productivity and business outcomes

Identify knowledge gaps and training needs within your workforce


Let Our Research And Audit Team Help You

Do you have an idea for a research question or project? If so we would love to hear it! If it is for the benefit of the business or local community then we would be interested in collaborating with you. Our team are knowledgeable about research grants/funding applications and have published academic research in peer-reviewed journals. If you would like more information about how we can work directly with you and your business, contact us using the button below.

Research Collaboration


Research and Audit Relating To Your Business Only


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